Monday, December 29, 2008

This cat is from the same company as the last exciting cat, But THIS ONE is half the size and comes with a hot water bottle. He is beautifully sewn and warm as hell. He cost about 2100 en

Friday, December 26, 2008

This little own by is just adoreable. He comes in 4 styles and is the exact gift youve been looking for for people who have every damn thing. He attaches to the top of your monitor or to a provided log of wood and works through your computers USB connection. He just sits there, blinks his little eyes, tilts his head and looks cute. He's beautifully made and will set you back about 2000

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two tiny Marimo in a jar? YES PLEASE!
I picked up these adoreable guys in a hyakuen store. They came 1-in-a-jar, but I felt they would be lonely and let them share their little house. These little guys are about 1:200 the size of any Marimo ive ever seen, but theyre awesome and cute and just pretty to have around the house. You can never have too many plants. The little marimo setup costs about 100円

It's revoltech time again! This time with robots! These two delicious creations are Gurren Lagann and Enki from the awesome Gainax T.V. series Gurren Lagann. These are made in the same was as the cats I spoke about previously. Although these models are heavily accurate to the designs in the show this doesn't mean they've skimped on articulation (and although these figures are heavily articulated it doesn't mean they skimped on accuracy). I am proud to have these two living on my microwave. They probably cost about 1500円 each but with an upgraded (downgraded?) 'Enkidou' released Enki might drop in price. This guys are shit-hot.
There isn't a pose they can't get themselves into.
Meow meow meow. I am Lavander Mike. I am a cat and I smell like lavander.

So I bought this insane thing in masuda in a store called Hide n Seek.
I had two options, cat with hot water bottle, and cat with lavander scented innards. I went with lavander. This is the softest lovliest thing I have bought in Japan thus far. Named Mike by his label he is one of 3 designs each deliciously sewn with beautiful little paws and face and allllllllll. He even wears a little haramaki to keep himself cosy.
Lavander Mike is made by these lovely people and set me back about 2500円

Sunday, December 7, 2008

On the theme of One Piece, this Megahouse sculpt from the One Piece kiddywinks line is adoreable. Now, we allllll hate Sanji and want Dogpen back instead, but that doesn't mean we cant buy his stinking child-self and leave it on our spice-rack for all eternity, does it? Yes this little bastard and future unwashed, stinking, scumbag chef of the Going Merry (R.I.P.) is nice enough to own. You have two facial options, grumpy asshole and shit-eating smile. I went for grumpy asshole. This little bastard set me back about 2,000円 and gathers grease in my kitchen.

Being the Head (read:only) Chef on a boat full of idiots who would eat their own shit given the chance is nothing to boast about.
Did somebody say ''Fucking awesome''? 2 wonderful unarticulated sculptures from Megahouse from their 'Portrait of Pirates' series based on the characters of One Piece. Here is Usopp (Sogeking/Usopp ver.2) looking mighty awesome, and Tony Tony Chopper. I don't think I can call this Chopper version 2, even though it is. Originally Chopper was a sculpt that was paired with Usopp in the same box. I guess because noone likes usopp but we all dig chopper? Seems more likely they should have stuck Chopper in the same box as that ne'er-do-anything, Nami.......but I digress.

Sogeking Usopp looks AMAZING. This is by far my favourite One Piece figure in existance. You can remove his cape if you really feel that you need to, and can have him wear his Sogeking mask if you desire. (but why would i hide that hardcore face?) Usopp means some serious shit in the sculpture. You don't want to see what's in the purse of his. If memory serves he set me back about 4,500円, but honestly the sculpt is amazing and worth it.

Chopper on the other hand is adoreable. I think this figure is just a one-off styled Chopper in a P.O.P. line of it's own. If you know anyone who likes onepiece even a tiny bit, this is the perfect gift. Dr. Tony Tony Chopper will set you back about 2,000円

The sexiest speakers youll ever own.

Okay so I know these are a little oldschool by now, but IVE never had them until now. Generation one iCY and generation 2 iDOG, by Sega Toys. The only downside I can see to these speakers is that they are battery operated. They will rock out to your music and give PLEASING light shows on their little faces. Gen 1 iCY will do what you would expect. Rock back and forth, wave his little flippers, be all flashy. Gen 2 iDog will do these things too, plus tap his feet to the music and generally look nicer and more well made. The sound quality from the iDog is also superior.

If you want this adoreable speakers to grace your desk they will set you back about 1200円 (but definately less if you shop around) and 2500円 respectively.

These speakers work with anything and are not endorsed or manufactured by Apple.

Tezuka Moderno is a delicious graphic rebranding of the Osamu Tezuka character empire. They have graphically simplified tezukas design into blocky childish shapes and released EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE with the rebranded characters thereon.
This little fellow is an unarticulated sculpture of my favourite Osamu Tezuka story 'kimba the white lion'/'Janguru Taitei'. It is tiny and adoreable and will leave you about 500円 out of pocket.
Im pretty sure, given the beautiful packaging he was in, I wasn't supposed to remove him from his little box. But I did it! and i'd do it again too! muahaha.
I am told these two cats are from a game called Doko Demo Issho. I don't care enough to find out what that is so Toro and Kuro shall remain mysteries to me. These figures are made by Kaiyodo who have perfected their line of heavily articulated figures 'Revoltech'.
Now you woulnd't expect me to give an ass about articulation to any great extent, and I didn't.



The freedom of movement developed for these characters is absolutely beautiful. In these tiny-bodied cats especially. If you're going to have crap cluttering up your desk, then damnit it might as well be the most beautifully concieved crap you can get your hands on.
Each of these dudes cost me about 1,000円. They are the original figures of the Doko Demo Issho character line so dont come with much by way of accessories (which is fine my me i would just loose them.) They come with 4 heads each, each with a lovely and rediculous facial expression, their little stand to keep them upright, and later figures (of other characters) come with slightly altered arms so you can have them hold the items belonging to the other characters if ou so desire.

I love these. Great ridiculous inexpensive Japanese thing to send home.