Sunday, December 7, 2008

On the theme of One Piece, this Megahouse sculpt from the One Piece kiddywinks line is adoreable. Now, we allllll hate Sanji and want Dogpen back instead, but that doesn't mean we cant buy his stinking child-self and leave it on our spice-rack for all eternity, does it? Yes this little bastard and future unwashed, stinking, scumbag chef of the Going Merry (R.I.P.) is nice enough to own. You have two facial options, grumpy asshole and shit-eating smile. I went for grumpy asshole. This little bastard set me back about 2,000円 and gathers grease in my kitchen.

Being the Head (read:only) Chef on a boat full of idiots who would eat their own shit given the chance is nothing to boast about.

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