Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am told these two cats are from a game called Doko Demo Issho. I don't care enough to find out what that is so Toro and Kuro shall remain mysteries to me. These figures are made by Kaiyodo who have perfected their line of heavily articulated figures 'Revoltech'.
Now you woulnd't expect me to give an ass about articulation to any great extent, and I didn't.



The freedom of movement developed for these characters is absolutely beautiful. In these tiny-bodied cats especially. If you're going to have crap cluttering up your desk, then damnit it might as well be the most beautifully concieved crap you can get your hands on.
Each of these dudes cost me about 1,000円. They are the original figures of the Doko Demo Issho character line so dont come with much by way of accessories (which is fine my me i would just loose them.) They come with 4 heads each, each with a lovely and rediculous facial expression, their little stand to keep them upright, and later figures (of other characters) come with slightly altered arms so you can have them hold the items belonging to the other characters if ou so desire.

I love these. Great ridiculous inexpensive Japanese thing to send home.

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